Cathryn AsanteGrowing up I’ve always been proud of my Ghanaian heritage, but I feel like now I’m even more proud knowing there are so many powerful women who are paving the way for us as a country and a global community. These women have created their own lanes and continue to excel in their passions. You may recognise some of these names, and others not too familiar; however, I can assure you these are names you do not want to forget. It's hard enough coming from a society that has constantly praised men for their hard work and consistently chosen to leave out the ladies. When I look for inspiration, women are my first point of call. Making it specifically, Ghanaian Women adds the icing to the cake which makes me feel at ease and know that we are making a change and we won’t stop until we are permanently on the map without any gaps!

As women, we have come a long way when it comes to creating our own spaces and being seen. I’m sure many of you can resonate with the fact that it is not easy to be a woman in this world. There are many stumbling blocks along the way, for an example just getting over that subconscious little voice in our heads that discourages us from reaching our goals. I feel as though we need to honour our women more. I am so elated to have this opportunity to do so for my Ghanaian women who are paving the way in their respective fields - especially on a day like today (Ghana’s Republic Day).

Yaa Asantewaa was a powerful Queen in the Ashanti region. In her time she took charge and had the autonomy to fight for her people, whether or not the men of the kingdom were ready to take charge - she knew she could rise to the challenge, so that’s what she did. Yaa Asantewaa’s presence made it evident that she was a strong leader which is why her legacy still and will continue to live on. I believe all the honourees possess these qualities, hence the name of this campaign being “50 Women of Yaa Asantewaa”.

Our inaugural 50 women are names and faces you should not forget. I urge you to learn about them, support them. “50 Women of Yaa Asantewaa” is engrained in the spirit of our mission as we strive to amplify the Ghanaian culture and be the voice of the Ghanaian diaspora. This campaign means our women are not being marginalised due to the colour of their skin or other societal issues - they stand front and center because they come from an ancestral line of brilliant women. Honouring them today means their efforts and hard work are highly appreciated and inspiring.

As this campaign was being curated, I have been extremely proud and humbled by all of stories of these ladies and their individual journeys. It is fascinating knowing that there are so many Ghanaian women around the world, standing out from the crowd and being their own boss. Saying yes to themselves and not waiting for someone to do so on their behalf and dictate what they get from life.

Whilst no one anticipated 2020 being shaped the way it has, with a global pandemic and fighting for equality for black people, I do believe this time has been a great opportunity to deliberate and put things in place for a better tomorrow. I mention this to say, I believe our honourees have found ways to project their energies into the world in order to inspire and impact our society for the better. To our honourees, thank you for being you and doing what you do for us and our community. Keep soaring!


Cathryn Asante
Director, UK